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Long time coming

Have you ever waited for peace - for healing?

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Healing can be a long time coming. It often feels like something elusive, something you think you have until you realize the pain that caused the wound is more real and present than the illusion of healing you were too eager to embrace - until you realize just how deep that pain really is.

But the beautiful thing about this life we live is that time is a receptacle for healing. Not the driving force behind it, because time will never heal all wounds. But the container in which we can begin to truly understand what it means to become whole despite our pain.

Pain forces us to face the most vulnerable and fragile versions of ourselves. And yet, it's in facing the giant that we realize that every step towards the battlefield serves as a testimony, and as a rock in our sling. The lessons learned, the tiny victories, and the momentary glimpses of healed bliss are what make space for us to hope and receive full and complete healing.

"...the beautiful thing about the life we live is that time is a receptacle for healing."


It's been a long time since I've been here friend. A time I didn't expect to be so long. A season of silence and fighting I didn't anticipate. A season of quieted creativity, constant wrestling, limited inspiration and resisted guilt. Because sometimes, we are tempted to believe the battle has stolen everything from us and robbed us of our purpose - of the essence of who we are.

But it hasn't.

It only deepens our self-awareness. It sharpens our instincts and primes us to positive and productive responses. It enriches our experience and fuels our wisdom. It's in the flames and heat of life that we are refined, and if we are willing to sit in the crucible for a season, we will come out as something more beautiful and unreal than we could have ever imagined.

Yes, healing can be a long time coming. It can seem like an illusion, elusive and unreal. Because it's just that good - so good that it seems to be too good to be true. Except, those unreal moments of peace are only glimpses of the true healing that will slowly and silently come upon you, and one day, you will find its fulfillment in your life. And then, in facing a beautiful new reality, you'll realize that your pain will never, ever be in vain.

"...your pain will never, ever be in vain."

I'm back friends. Because my season of wrestling has and never will be in vain. Because I've emerged from the fire ready to keep fighting for my voice, my passions, and my sense of self. I've questioned joy these past few months. I've doubted that joy could really be found in every circumstance, I've asked if it was worth fighting and crying and healing for. Yet, in my questioning, I've been assured that hope and faith make joy possible. That circumstance doesn't have to steal our ability to feel, see, and seek joy. And that on the other side of the fire, my sense of joy only becomes more real, more vibrant, more precious. More joy-full.

If you are ready to step back on this path to joy after our long season of rest, I invite you to join me once again for an experience that may look and sound slightly different than anticipated, but one that will never prove in vain.

All my love,


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